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Discount on Civil War Postage Stamp Sheet

Civil War reenactors are cleaning their rifles and dusting off their uniforms for the start of another Civil War reenactment season. Civil War buffs in blue and gray will soon be marching across fields to recreate the historic clashes of the 1861-65 war that once tore America apart. In commemoration, Stamp Center is offering a specially priced 32-cent, 1995 issue Civil War stamp sheet for the discounted price is just $37.13, a 25% savings.

A featured Stamp Center buy this month, the 1995 Civil War stamp sheet commemorative is expertly rendered as stunning full color paintings. Prominent historic figures, Civil War battles and history-making events from both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line are displayed on the stamp sheet. Under a rousing banner, each of the 20 individual stamps on the Civil War commemorative stamp sheet portray a unique portrait or scene.

If you would like to add this colorful 1995 Civil War 32-cent postage stamp sheet to your stamp collection, please contact Stamp Center today. We offer free shipping to our U.S. customers and $4.50 flat rate shipping to our international customers.

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