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American Treasures Postage Stamp

The American Treasures postage stamp series was inaugurated in 2001 by the United States Postal Service.  In the collection of stamps you will find many different types of beautiful works of American fine arts and crafts.  In August of 2009, the USPS issued the ninth entry in the American Treasures series.  A beautiful painting by renowned artist Edward Hopper was the newest entry.  It features a sailboat sailing against the wind near Provincetown, MA.  In the background of the painting you will see the Cape Cod Long Point Lighthouse.  The original picture was painted around 1930.  The picture is called “The Long Leg”. 

Edward Hopper was likely the best known American artist of his time.  He knew from childhood that he wanted to be an artist and eventually studied art in America and then Europe.  He is known for painting harsh New England landscapes, deserted streets at night, lighthouses, hotels, trains, highways, public and semi-public places, restaurants, theaters, and offices.  The theme of “loneliness” was often the focus of many of his paintings.  Edward Hopper died in 1967 and like with so many other artists, his work is only now being fully appreciated.

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