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Canada’s 2010 Olympic Games Postage Stamps

In hosting the Winter Olympics this year Canada released a series of adorable postage stamps to commemorate the occasion. The Olympic mascot postage stamps feature various rates for both domestic and international use.

The theme of the 2010 Winter Olympics was “Sea to Sky”.  The concept linked the Whistler’s snow capped ski slopes with a scenic coastal city of Canada.  The use of the winter mascots: Miga, Quatchi and Sumi, all received some criticism because some people thought that they looked like they were “too Japanese” or even called them “space creatures”.  Instead, these mascots were chosen because it was believed that they would appeal to both children and adults. Miga is a sea bear, Quatchi is a sasquatch, and Sumi is an animal guardian spirit, all mythological characters.

Each postage stamp has the 2010 Winter Olympic Games emblem on it as well. The “Inukshuk” is constructed of rocks and serves as a trail marker in Canada. The 2010 version is called an Ilanaaq, which means “friend”.

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