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Namibia Uses Clever Postage Stamp Shape to Honor Diamond Industry

Namibia selected an unusual shape to showcase its 2008 issue postage stamp souvenir sheet honoring the diamond industry. The Namibia Diamond Industry stamp sheet is shaped like a cut and faceted diamond. The four-value postage stamp sheet mixes the beauty of nature with the raw power of man and machinery necessary to dig these precious [...]

Soccer Postage Stamps Popular as World Cup Nears

The stamp community is gearing up for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa this summer with soccer themed postage stamps doing a brisk business. Hong Kong and Brazil recently issued the pictured soccer souvenir postage stamp sheet, Hong Kong-Soccer Joint with Brazil S.S. The brightly colored 4-value stamp sheet beautifully depicts the soccer teams of [...]

Unusual Bhutan CD Postage Stamps Actually Play

A tiny Asian country nestled at the base of the Himalayan mountains where mail is still be delivered on foot to mountain villages has emerged as a philatelic leader in the design and issue of strange and unusual postage stamps that push the technological envelope. Bhutan Nature Monarchy CD postage stamps, available from Stamp Center [...]

Ferrari Race Car Collection Postage Stamps Wow Race Fans

The Ferrari /Race Car Collection is a unique collection of unusual postage stamps, all with an auto racing theme. Fabled Ferraris, legendary race cars and historic Formula 1 speedsters are included in this incredible collection of the most famous race cars and race car drivers ever to cross the finish line of auto racing’s most iconic [...]

Lesotho Butterfly Definitives Postage Stamp Series

Butterflies are just beginning to emerge from their cocoons. Soon the air will be filled with their ephemeral beauty as these winged creatures flit among the flowers of summer gardens. The Lesotho Butterfly Definitives postage stamps issued in 1992 pay tribute to the glorious variety of color and design displayed by these beautiful insects. The Lesotho [...]

Discount on Civil War Postage Stamp Sheet

Civil War reenactors are cleaning their rifles and dusting off their uniforms for the start of another Civil War reenactment season. Civil War buffs in blue and gray will soon be marching across fields to recreate the historic clashes of the 1861-65 war that once tore America apart. In commemoration, Stamp Center is offering a specially [...]

Canadian Recording Artists -Tribute to Musical Talent

In July 2009, Canada Post selected four Canadian musicians to grace their stamps.  Possibly the most famous of them all is Bryan Adams. Born in 1959 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Adams was the son of a diplomat and lived in Europe and the Middle East as a child. When he was 13 the family returned [...]

Great Canadian Recording Artists

Recently we discussed Canadian musicians Bryan Adams and Robert Charlebois .In this blog post we continue looking at the remaining two musicians that Canada Post honored with a stamp series in 2009.   The only female member of the “quartet”, Edith Butler (originally Marie Nicole Butler) was born in 1942 in Paquetville, New Brunswick. Butler [...]

American Treasures Postage Stamp

The American Treasures postage stamp series was inaugurated in 2001 by the United States Postal Service.  In the collection of stamps you will find many different types of beautiful works of American fine arts and crafts.  In August of 2009, the USPS issued the ninth entry in the American Treasures series.  A beautiful painting by [...]

Vancouver Aquarium Postage Stamps

Aquatic lovers are going to adore the beautiful postage stamps that were issued in July of 2006 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada.  The aquarium plays host to many special creatures of the sea.  While visiting there you will find dolphins, sea lions, seals and many other delightful sea creatures. [...]