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Cesar Chavez Postage Stamps Part II Of II

Continuing from Wednesday… In 1962, Cesar Chavez left the CSO and founded the National Farm workers Association which is now called the United Farm Workers of America.  In such he was able to secure fair wages, medical coverage, pension benefits, humane living conditions, and many other previously unattainable rights for the hundreds of thousands of [...]

Cesar Chavez Postage Stamps Part I Of II

The late Senator Robert F. Kennedy called Cesar Estrada Chavez “one of the heroic figures of our time…” Born in a farming community in Arizona on March 31, 1927, Cesar Chavez recognized from an early age just how hard migrant farm workers suffered as they worked in America.  During the Great Depression, at the young [...]

Hattie McDaniel Postage Stamps Part II Of II

Continuing from Friday… Despite her many successes in film and radio, McDaniel was often criticized for the stereotypical rolls that she played.  She is known for saying “I’d rather make $700 a week playing a maid than earn $7 a day being a maid.”  She worked tirelessly behind the scenes to change the way that [...]

Hattie McDaniel Postage Stamps Part I Of II

Hattie McDaniel was born on June 10, 1895 in Wichita, Kansas, but spent her childhood living in Denver, Colorado. She dropped out of school at a very early age and pursued her dreams of performing while touring with vaudeville companies, minstrel shows, and musical ensembles. Arriving in Hollywood in 1931, she is credited with appearing in [...]

Patricia Robert Harris Postage Stamps

Patricia Roberts Harris was born in Matton, Illinois in 1924.  She was a highly acclaimed lawyer who was very active within the Democratic Party, and was a law professor and Dean of Howard University in Maryland.  She never held an elected position, but she was appointed to many powerful positions by Presidents throughout her lifetime.  [...]

Duck Stamps – A Good Investment Part II Of II

In continuation from Friday… Over the years, hunters are not the only ones who choose to purchase the Duck Stamps.  Philatelists and conservationists alike also realize the value of these cool stamps.  Each year a new Duck Stamp is issued.  Since 1949, the Duck Stamp designs have been chosen via the only art competition that [...]

Duck Stamps – A Good Investment Part I Of II

President Franklin D. Roosevelt requested the issuance of the first Federal Duck Stamp in 1934.  It featured two mallards in flight that were about to land on a marsh pond.  The original stamp sold for $1 in 1934.  In mint condition, a philatelist could expect to pay as much as $750 for that Duck Stamp [...]

Baseball Sluggers Postage Stamps Hit A Home Run!

Baseball has always been regarded as one of America’s favorite pastimes.  It should come as no surprise that the United States Postal Service issued a set of super cool “Baseball Sluggers” postage stamps to commemorate some of the champions of the sport. The 39 cent postage stamps were unveiled in March of 2006 at the [...]

Nathan Birman – Rest In Peace

We would like to inform our readers that the founder and patriarch of County Stamp Center, Mr. Nathan Birman, passed away on February 1, 2010.  Nathan’s passion and extensive knowledge about postage stamps has been indispensable throughout his 50 year tenure at County Stamp Center.  Nathan will be sorely missed by his family and colleagues [...]

World’s Largest Ball of Stamps

So imagine yourself back in the 1950’s.  Bobby socks, poodle skirts, leather jackets, and muscle cars were all the rage.  I’m not sure what exactly was going on in Boys Town, Nebraska; but I wonder if the Boys Town Stamp Collecting Club knew they would set a world record when they began making the “World’s [...]