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Gallaudet Postage Stamp Part II Of II

GalludetContinuing from Friday…

Gallaudet married Sophia Fowler in 1821, who was one of his students.  They had eight children together.  He continued to work at the school until 1831 and then returned to being a minister.  Despite being away from the school that he loved, he never stopped advocating for the needs of deaf people.

Thomas Gallaudet died of lung disease in 1851.  He never saw the opening of the first college for the deaf that was named after him. Formerly known as the Colombia Institution, it was re-named “Gallaudet University” in honor of Thomas Gallaudet’s work to promote education for the deaf community. Thomas Gallaudet’s youngest son, Edward, was the first President of the college.

Thomas Gallaudet was honored by the United States Postal Service when they issued a postage stamp on June 10, 1983.  The 20 cent postage stamp was part of the “Great Americans” series by the USPS.  According to my research,  it took 30 years for the Gallaudet postage stamp to be approved for release.

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