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Wildlife Of The 50 States Postage Stamps Part II Of III

In continuation from Wednesday… One of the reasons that the Citizen’s Advisory Board chose to create these wildlife postage stamps is that they found that the general public was more interested in animals than the other suggestions that were coming in from the public.  One road block that they encountered, however; is that not all [...]

Wildlife Of The 50 States Postage Stamps Part I Of III

In June of 1987, the United States Postal Service released a much anticipated set of 50 postage stamps called the “Wildlife of the 50 States”.  The USPS had released other large panes prior to the release of these wildlife postage stamps, but none quite as artistically impressive as this particular set.  Previous sets included 50 [...]

American Bats Postage Stamps

Each October is designated “National Stamp Collecting Month” by the United States Postal Service.  To help kick off the campaign in 2002, which is intended to get youth interested in stamp collecting, the USPS issued a set of stamps called “American Bats” which featured one of natures most feared and misunderstood creatures…bats.  In particular in [...]

American Advances In Aviation Postage Stamps

Adding to the popular Classic American Aircraft postage stamp collection that was issued in 1997, the United States Postal Service issued a set of postage stamps in July of 2005, called the American Advances in Aviation.  There are ten different stamps in the set and twenty stamps on the pane.  Many of the stamps in [...]

Canadian Air Force Snowbird Planes

Just as important as the Blue Angels are to us here in America, the Snowbirds are to our friends to the north in Canada.  The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are a military formation aerobatic team that performs choreographed maneuvers up in the sky to the delight of fans around the world.  In June of 2006, to [...]

Canada’s International Year Of Astronomy

The universe has likely fascinated mankind since the beginning of time.  To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s use of a telescope to study the skies, the United Nation’s has named 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy (IYA). In April of 2009 Canada Post issued two postage stamps to commemorate the IYA.  Each of [...]

Stamp Center – Postage Stamps For Everyone

Before the days of the internet, postage stamp collectors had a far more difficult time finding stamps from different countries.  They were likely limited to trading with other local collectors, waiting for a special letter to arrive in the mail, or if they were lucky, they knew of a good Stamp Dealer. Stamp Dealers are [...]

France’s Birth Of Boy & Girl Postage Stamps

In years long past, parents announced the birth of a new child with a cigar adorned with a pink or blue band and a hardy handshake.  In today’s world, parents around the world are finding creative ways to let the world know that a new baby has arrived. Now I must admit that I don’t [...]

United Nations Climate Change Postage Stamps

The United Nations has been great about issuing postage stamps that bring serious issues to the forefront of worldwide thinking.  2008 was designated as the “Year of the Planet Earth” by the United Nations and in October of 2008 they issued the Climate Change postage stamps to bring awareness of the dangerous climate changes that [...]

Henry Mancini Postage Stamps

The United States Postal Service honored musical great, Henry Mancini with a 37 cent commemorative postage stamp on April 13, 2004.  The stamp was originally unveiled months before at the 2003 Mancini Musicale at UCLA before a very large crowd.  The postage stamp features Mancini directing with many of his famous works from film and [...]