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Say OK to Oklahoma’s Statehood Stamp

Oklahoma’s 100th anniversary statehood commemorative stamp was only available at post offices in that state until December 31, 2007. So, if you live in Oklahoma and you haven’t gotten yours yet, you need to keep in mind that they won’t be around forever. In fact now, due to the limited nature this stamp, it is [...]

Frank Sinatra Stamps Wildly Popular

Have you been sending out mail with stamps that feature Ol’ Blue Eyes? Early in December 2007 the U.S. Postal Service announced that a Frank Sinatra stamp was to be available in early 2008. Sinatra is remembered for such hit songs as “Strangers in the Night”, “My Way”, and “(Theme From) New York, New York.” [...]

Getting Kids Started in Stamp Collecting

Do you remember when you first got interested in stamp collecting? Perhaps a friend or an older relative already engaged in the hobby and introduced you to it. Or maybe you just stumbled on stamp collecting on your own and found that is something you wanted to continue. Either way, you can help someone else [...]

Canadians In Hollywood Postage Stamps

American’s are not the only folks who have contributed to the success and glamour of Hollywood throughout the years.  Since the beginning of the film industry, many Hollywood legends have originated from Canada. The Canadian Post has similar rules to the United States in regards to issuing commemorative postage stamps for their citizens.  In May of [...]

Michael Jackson Postage Stamps – Not Anytime Soon

The media has been covering the death of Michael Jackson now for several weeks.  Ones of the stories that had been reported by major media outlets is that Reverend Al Sharpton is calling for a Michael Jackson national day of mourning and that a postage stamp be issued by the United States Postal Service.  All [...]

France’s Babar Postage Stamps

How can you resist an adorable elephant dressed in a green suit?  It’s hard to believe that Babar, the world famous children’s book character turned 75 years old in 2006.  His birthday was marked by French officials with a postage stamp featuring none other than Babar himself holding his birthday cake. The stories of Babar [...]

Charles Darwin Postage Stamp Set

2009 marks the 200 year anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.  It also marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”, which was written by Charles Darwin in 1859.  Great Britain paid tribute this year to Charles Darwin and his scientific works by issuing [...]

Whales Down Under Postage Stamp

I was recently watching a television show on the horrors of whaling.  Remembering my own whale watching trip years ago and watching those majestic creatures flow through the waters on that television show, sparked my interest in whale postage stamps. One of my favorite whale postage stamp sets was issued by Australia in 2006.  They [...]

Jean de Sperati The Master Stamp Forger Part II Of II

In continuation from Friday… The stamp image showcased above is the United States Confederate 10 cent rose.  This is one of his best stampforgeries ever done by Sperati.  The most prominent difference between the original and the fake is the fact that the “T” and “E” of “TEN” are joined at the top in the [...]

Jean de Sperati The Master Stamp Forger Part I Of II

The most notorious stamp forger of all time was Jean de Sperati.  He was born in 1884 in Pisa, Italy, but spent the majority of his lifetime in France.  He came by his forgery skills honestly as his mother and brothers also chose the same dishonest lifestyle.  Although stamp forgery was what made him famous, [...]